It was a very good day at HFUMC, my second Sunday back from from my Balkans missions trip.

This community continues to grow with attendance increasing and new families joining.

We opened with this very cool “call to worship” video.


Oftentimes with intro videos,  I try to match the key center, groove and concept with the song we sing right after.

So, for this video I felt the ideas were a good match with “My Savior Lives”. Usually I do that song in G, but the video was in A,  so I dropped Savior down to E, using the last chord of the video (A) as the subdominant (the 4 chord) leading into the intro for My Savior. 

I also thought E would place the melody in a better range for female voices.

It just worked OK, imo, I’ve had better results on other occasions.

Here’s the  setlist:

  • My Savior Lives
  • You Alone Are Worthy of My Praise
  • Unchanging (we had to cut this for time)
  • The Heart of Worship

    • Message “iBelieve” :  The Holy Spirit
  • Because We Believe ( affiliate link )
    • Offering
  • How He Loves

    • Volunteer Recruitment
    • Benediction
  • Hold Us Together

I kind of rediscovered “The Heart of Worship” my last couple of days in Romania. During my seminar Q&A times, a recurring theme was the need for biblical character and wholeheartedness over musical performance.

The message of “I’ll bring you more than a song” seems relevant to me these days.

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