The miracles recorded in Mark 5 are astounding. Jesus Restores A Demon-Possessed Man (verses 1-20), then Jesus Raises A Dead Girl and Heals A Sick Woman (21-43).

For the grieving parent, the chronically ill, or the demonically enslaved – the words  “just believe” may seem callous.

But Jesus does not offer insincere platitudes.

He speaks and acts with ultimate power and authority. He transforms loss into victory.  The dead are raised, the sick are healed,  the demons flee.

So, yes, for lovers of Jesus, it is that simple – just believe.

He will do what is best.

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A daily “worship ritual” I practice is to listen to The Daily Audio Bible podcast, take a photo of the morning sky, find a meaningful scripture or quote (usually from the DAB), and share it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Please comment and share! #Sunrise #Worship #Devotionals 

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