Love overlooks Sunrise 2-23-15

Conflict seems to be everywhere. In our culture, in our families, even in our churches.

“Love one another” is the simple answer. But not easy to implement.

The spirit of taking offense is a major snare that can develop into cancerous, demonic strongholds. We see this everywhere.

Holding a grudge is like taking poison.

The writer of Proverbs defines the problem, as old as human nature itself:

Hatred starts fights (MSG) and stirs up trouble (CEV). Hatred stirs up dissension (NET) and conflict (NIV).

Then the scripture offers the solution:

Love overlooks the wrongs that others do (CEV). Love pulls a quilt over the bickering (MSG). Love covers all transgressions (NET) and covers all wrongs (NIV).

We can’t always help feeling offended, but we can always chose to just let it go. In the end, that’s the healthiest thing to do.

Love overlooks offense.

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