This cute video introduced Don’s message.

It was a freezing cold day here in Middle Tennessee.  “Love” was the theme at the Contemporary Worship service of Hendersonville First United Methodist Church.

Here’s the worship recap.

  • Youth Brass Quartet: Standing on the Promises
    • This was a very clever bluesy/jazz arrangement by HFUMC’s Minister of Music Bill White. The kids played great.
  • You’re Worthy of My Praise (David Ruis)
    • This was the very first song when we launched the service on Oct 23 and the first time we’ve been back to it.
  • Beautiful One (Tim Hughes)
    • First time we did this song here, I had not sung it in years, but it seemed to fit the “love” theme and was well received
  • Lord You Are Good (Anthony Skinner, Ross Huskinson, Scott McLeod)
    • I rediscovered this song a few weeks ago.  And I just interviewed Anthony Skinner for a future blog post. Just a great worship song on many levels. The lyrics are good theology, personal and a real conversation with God. The melody is antiphonal, simple and very hooky, and the chorus is deeply worshipful. Love this song.
  • Message: Love in Action (Don Hutchison)
  • Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing / Brenton Brown)
    • We slowed this down quite a bit for a more reflective tone of adoration.
  • Offering
  • As It Is In Heaven (Matt Maher)
    • Benediction
  • Hold Us Together (Matt Maher)

We also passed out Hershey’s kisses after the service. Smiles all around, especially the kiddies. 🙂

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