Misty Edwards teaching

This is an inspiring video by Misty Edwards teaching at the IHOP Youth Fascinate Conference last summer.  It’s especially relevant for young worshipers, singers and musicians. She has a profound, visionary, prophetic  message. I think anyone with with a heart for the Lord and the next generation would be inspired.


She shares her story of questioning everything and calls forth the next generation of prophetic worshipers.

Some soundbites:

  • God wants to have a conversation, a dialogue
  • There’s an on-going conversation in your head
  • Take the Word of God in there and turn up the volume
  • It’s more real than you know
  • The Holy Spirit is real and wants to fellowship with you
  • Talk to Him, go to Him not away from Him
  • Get in with the Spirit and the Word
  • He wants to win the affections of your heart
  • Abide in Jesus – Talk to him, believe that He is there and He rewards
  • It takes faith – when we have doubt – ask for enlightenment – He wants us to see
  • Ask him questions –
  • The sacred space of your mind is the most sacred space in the universe, how we waste it
  • You’re always talking to some one else
  • If you’re twittering all the time – Satan will do anything to keep you from it.
  • It’s a real relationship with a real person
  • It’s more real than you know.
  • Just be aware of Him and pull Him into the everyday …
  • Music – a tool the Holy Spirit wants to use, there’s music everywhere – there’s a soundtrack, a generation set to music
  • Satan has a counterfeit worship movement, an ideology in music that is anti-Jesus, a religious ideology that does not have God at the center, it has infiltrated the musicians of the earth
  • But in this day the musicians, the artists  are the prophets
  • They are longing for nobility for purpose, beauty, significance, spirituality, transcendence, greatness
  • There is a new breed, a new musician – men and women like John the baptist, who are not in music for the fame, glory,  thrill
  • but who really want to decrease so that Jesus can increase
  • The Lord is raising up men and women and he is putting something in their hearts.  It’s not just a desire for cool music. It’s a desire for truth, It’s a desire for truth!
  • When I see this group I see a group of realists. You hate the fake. I hate the fake.  I hate the fake.
  • I hate the fake – the Lord is searching for authenticity – the Lord is searching  …
  • There is a great shaking – a crisis of truth
  • The Lord is raising up a sound that is better, more alluring
  • You need the tension to purify
  • Purity leads to brightness >
  • Cultivate a bright spirit
  • Brightness leads to boldness, anointing, you don’t shrink back in fear
  • Worship is a reaction, worship is a response to what you see
  • You see something
  • The only safe place is a locked gaze with Jesus
  • Because you did it in secret He will put you in front
  • In humility – run to him
  • Wrestle with truth
  • Face your issues, face your questions
  • It tenderizes your heart

What are your take-a-ways? Say it in the comments.