A fun Sunday at HFUMC . Jenny Slate Lee co-led the team from the keys. We’re blessed with very faithful players and singers.

All was well with the world.

Sunday’s Setlist

  • God of Grace and God of Glory (hymn)
  • Your Grace Is Enough
  • The Great I Am (new)
  • Nicene Creed reading
    • Baptism
    • Message: “Jesus Sorrow For Jerusalem” Pastor Don Hutchinson
  • Forever Reign

    • Offering
    • Special Music: Mike Fotenopolous
    • Benediction
  • Hold Us Together

Shop Talk

This was our first time to introduce “Great I Am” a Jared Anderson song made popular on Christian Radio by Phillips Craig and Dean. Powerful. We continued the music underneath reading the Nicene Creed, then wrapped it up with a repeat chorus of Great I Am.”

Our mandolinist Mike Fountenopolous sang an original song “Everytime I’m Here” on guitar for the offertory. It was charming.

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