This is a video of student feedback after the Worship & Intercession seminar I just finished teaching at Youth With A Mission (YWAM/Nashville)

Some comments from the video:

  • “The whole thing was really great”
  • “I didn’t realize there was so much to worship and intercession  … “
  • “showed me a lot of things I did not know…”
  • “an amazing week “
  • “really practical”

  • “I learned a lot  just stepping out, trying new things
  • “Amazing, he brought the presence of the Lord “
  • “he taught us what worship is, and is not”
  • “it has changed us, we have had so much growth in just 3 days”
  • “it imparted to me truth about God and biblical foundations of worship”
  • it was really good – taught us harp and bowl which was really awesome
  • we felt really unified as a class
  • a great time!
  • really, really blessed us with wisdom


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