It was a beautiful launch of the School of Worship, 6th Edition in Romania, the  Scoala de Inchinare.

This is my 6th summer teaching here.

This year there are 33 Level One (first year) students from all over the country, mostly teenagers and young adults, ages 16 – 30. They represent the future of this nation.

The first students I met Sunday: Lorenzo, Diana, Irina, Nicolette, Rollie. Ages 15-19

Genu and Ramona Olariu, along with Pica Mengher are the Camp Directors. Here they introduce the students to the residential staff . These are returning graduate students, part of the culture of leadership and excellence here.

Genu, Ramona, Carmen, Raul and Joseph

We have devotional worship in the morning, then teaching. We study what the bible says about worship in my Practical Theology of Worship course.

Worship on Monday

After lunch they have instructional classes by instrument and voice.

Randy Morgan (Sozo Festival ) teaches Voice, Monday

In the afternoon former students lead rocking worship, followed by teaching.

Today Randy Morgan (SOZO FESTIVAL) gave a powerful testimony and encouraging word on the Father Heart of God.

Randy Morgan Message Monday Afternoon

My second instructional session of the day is on songwriting and/or worship leading. Today we broke down “Aceasta E” (in English, my song A New Anointing/This is The Day). This link is to the live Decean recording.

Rob teaches Practical Theology of Worship Monday

Romania is a poor country and some students who had registered could not come because they didn’t have the money. This makes me exceedingly sad. Life is frustratingly hard for the majority of people who live here.

The school only costs students about $200 for a month of full time instruction, guest speakers, room and board, 3 meals a day. Try doing that in the States for anything close to that.

This school is a great investment in the destiny of a nation for the glory of God.

I would like to raise more money to sponsor student scholarships. 

Contribute to a worthy cause: donate here.

Students worship

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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