This post recaps my time at the School of Worship (Scoala de Inchinare) in Timisoara, Romania.  It’s the second in a trilogy of reports wrapping up my missions trip to eastern Europe. See all the posts in my Balkans missions trip series here.


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In this video, students say “Thank You and God Bless You” in Romanian to everyone who has supported the school and instructors like me, Randy Morgan, Tom Johnson and others.

At the end of the video students share about their experience.  If you care about missions, I hope you’ll watch it, especially the last testimony. You’ll be encouraged to see that lives are being changed. This mission is a good work that glorifies God, makes disciples and is helping to build His kingdom.

Teaching at the Scoala was the largest segment of my 26 day mission. I was there for 14 very active days. It was a blast.

I share an in-depth view of the Scoala de Inchinare experience with a lot of pics in this post, A Day In The Life at Romania’s School of Worship.   The school is 4 weeks long during August and quite intense.Check out “A Day in The Life”  to see what it’s like.

Randy Morgan, myself and other guest instructors live in community with the students while we’re there.

I taught worship theology in the mornings, Randy coached vocals in the afternoon, I lead songwriting class in the late afternoon /early evening.

Randall Morgan & moi teaching at the Scoala

Randall Morgan & moi teaching at the Scoala

We’re investing in a generation that will change nations.

Behind The Scenes

This video “100 Stairs To My Room”  is just for fun, we journey up the five flights of stairs to my dorm. 100 steps of joy.

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The School of Worship is hosted at Timisoara Christian Center & Agape Church.

This is a large facility that has been partially unfinished for many years. Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and Romanian economic woes wrecked havoc on the buildings completion. They still need HVAC, elevators, flooring, paint and other cosmetic finish.

Timisoara Christian Center / Agagpe Church (back)

Timisoara Christian Center / Agagpe Church (back)

The Fearless Leaders Hard at Work

Randall Morgan and I are in the back of class “helping”  Genu & Ramona Olariu and Pica Mengher, Directors.

The Fearless Leaders: Randy, Genu, Ramona, Pica, Rob

The Fearless Leaders: Randy, Genu, Ramona, Pica, Rob

This little sign was worth the trip alone …

Genu & Ramona's kids show Uncle Robbie the love

Gloria, Daniel and Prisciall show Uncle Robbie the love.


Investing in the destiny of others, in any context, is rewarding.

Serving at the Scoala de Inchinare has been the highlight of my missions work the past seven years. I feel very blessed to be part of what God is doing in Romania.

I really hope we can raise more money for the school in 2013 so more students can attend.


You can help send me on my next mission trip  to Sri Lanka, find out more. 

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