The church send us to the ends of the world to go and make disciples.

HFUMC prays me out

NOTE: This post is part of my Mission Trip 2012 series. Posting  from Serbia,  concluding a long day of travel.

It was a beautiful service Sunday morning at Hendersonville First United Methodist Church, we could really sense the presence of God.

Don’s message was on Jesus Sermon on the Mount teaching about “Revenge” and how it is poison to the human soul.

The timing was prophetically aligned with my departure for my missions trip to the Balkans. A founding purpose of SOZO Festival is International Reconciliation among ethnic groups with revenge based cultures.

I had a moment to share with the congregation my heart and an overview of my trip and to ask for their prayers. I’m so grateful for the warm, loving church family that is growing there.

I concluded my brief remarks with an introduction to teach them “The Jesus La La Song”. At that moment, Travis interrupted and said some very nice things, gathered the team around me and led the congregation in prayer for me and my mission. It was unexpected and quite awesome. What a great guy and a breakthrough moment.

This was their first time singing the La La Song and it was a lot of fun. We sang in many “languages”, maybe 4 or 5.

HFUMC sings The Jesus La La Song

HFUMC sings The Jesus La La Song

Truly a joy filled service and a warm send off.

  • Your Grace Is Enough
  • Your Love Never Fails
  • A New Anointing (This Is The Day)
  •  Rescue (featuring Bethany Hader)
  •  The Jesus La La Song
  •  Hold Us Together

I changed clothes and headed straight to the airport to catch my 2:43 flight to Chicago, then Germany, then Serbia.

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