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Another amazing, life changing SOZO Festival concluded with our Sunday Worship Celebration in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Over 25 nations were represented.

Our worship teams included musicians and singers representing Romania, Serbia, Russia, Wales, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Albania, England, Bosnia, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

SOZO was an amazing, high energy, beautiful and intense week. I am completely drained.

Sunday’s worship set was comprised of songs we had been singing through out the 3 day festival. Several had been unfamiliar songs in this part of the world.

Welcome & Prayer – Pastor Petar from the Baptist church (host)

Everlasting God

Rock of Ages

Psalm 150 Reading

Our God

Your Love Never Fails

Shekinah Glory

Children’s School of Worship:

  • Jesus Is A Mighty God
  • Glory to You (in Romanian)
  • Jubliate Jesus

Reports and testimonies from the seminar classes.

Communion (Song: Amazing Grace)

A New Anointing (This is The Day) chorus in:

Serbian (Ovo je Dan), Romanian (Aceasta E) , Hungarian (Ez Az A Nap), Russian, Spanish (Estes el dia)  and American.

The Jesus La La Song


The atmosphere was high octane celebration and a glimpse of heaven worship (Rev 5:8) – “every nation, every tribe, every tongue”.

It’s so inspiring to worship with such diversity of cultures and languages.

These gatherings are unique in so many respects. There is much to learn from the experience.  I’ll share about that in future posts.

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