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This weekend I was a guest guitarist/singer under the leadership of Jennifer Martin at Redeemer Church/Nashville. It’s refreshing to support a leader and not be the leader, not to mention a much lighter workload! As every worship leader knows, planning a worship set, communicating with the team and preparing music is a lot of work.

We had a simple set-up with piano, perc, and me on guitar. Also on the team were 2 pre-teens – one on guitar/vox and one featured vocalist. They sounded great and we had a lot of fun. Below is the set list. Although it may seem like a lot of titles, this is a liturgical service. It goes by pretty fast. The entire service is about 75 minutes.

  • Alleluia Alleluia (Beethoven)
  • Sing For Joy (Lamont Heibert)
  • Psalm 16:Keep Me Safe Oh God (John Foley Hoffert, Martin)
  • Around The Throne (Julie Meyer)
  • It Is Well (Hymn: Spafford, Bliss)
  • The Risen Christ (Phil Maderia, Keith Getty) (Great song!)
  • Our Father (Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn) (Great song!)
  • Faithful Men (Twilla Paris)
  • Lamb of God (Jewitt, Hardy, Lefevre)
  • Bread of Life
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Redmon)

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