A Great Worship Conference! (This links to the conference site)

The Inspire Worship Conference happens next week May 5&6 in the Nashville area. “Answer the call to live for His glory”

I attended last year’s conference and loved it. This is a first class event with great worship and content providers. There are tons of cool breakout sessions. Find out how to get a discounted rate at the end of this post.

Among the keynote speakers are Stan Mitchell and Ian Cron.

Stan is pastor of Gracepoint Church. Check out this Inspire Conference video interview, and here’s a link to his blog.

Ian Cron is a speaker, pastor and the very successful author of Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale, and Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me. You can find his very cool blog here.

One of the more unique workshops is Tom Jackson’s on stage presence and worship leadership. He’s worked with a bunch of famous people and is an excellent presenter with practical and challenging ideas.

Your very own humble, lovable worship dude will lead a seminar on Encouraging Wholehearted Worship: A Practical Theology of Worship.”

Here’s 5 Reasons to come to Inspire 2011

  1. Awesome Worship in a Beautiful Environment

  2. Inspiring Keynote Speakers

  3. Unique Workshops and Practical Instruction

  4. An Encouraging Atmosphere

  5. Great Networking Opportunities.

Carl Cartee, Bob Kauflin, Rob Still



Inspire Worship Conference is hosted by Carl Cartee, artist-in-residence at host site Fellowship Bible Church.

This pic is from 2010 with Carl, moi, and Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace and Worship Matters. Bob shared inspiring wisdom as a keynote presenter in 2010.

His book, Worship Matters, is one of my favorites. He’s a scholarly worship thinker and a great guy!




The purpose of my blog is to encourage wholehearted worship worldwide.

If you would like a discounted rate for the Inspire Worship Conference, tell me in the comments and I’ll hook you up.

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