Teaching in Serbia "Heart of David"

I’m in Baja Hungary as I write this (August 19).

The trip has been a whirlwind of awesome kingdom building experiences and I just have not had time to sit, reflect and write blog posts. I’ve tried to update the Rob Still Ministries Missions Page on Facebook as I go. I hope to write more about the spiritual and strategic aspects in another post or two. There are inspiring testimonies, exciting new opportunities and a lot of need here in the Balkans.

Traveled on Monday from Romania to Serbia. Then ministered Monday night and Tuesday for 2 fantastic days in Serbia. They were a lot of young people and I spoke on my theme for this mission, “Wholehearted Worship”. They found it “relevant, interesting and fun!” And that’s how we roll.

Traveled on Wednesday to Hungary and attended the midweek service at Faith Church in Baja, but I did not speak. That was great, my first non-public speaking day since I arrived July 30. They blessed me at the end of the service by singing The Jesus La La Song in Hungarian! Awesome! Here’s a video clip:

[tentblogger-youtube irbDt-5-7OM]

On Thursday we began a 2 day training seminar with the worship ministry at the Faith Church, over 20 folks attending. They are a great community and really appreciate the teaching and discussion. The feedback I get everywhere is people are genuinely blessed by the content and finding refreshing new perspectives on understanding worship. I’ll speak on Sunday to the whole church.

I’m staying at the Szabo family’s house, they are taking good care of me and there’s a lot of great food. It is a much needed, restful experience.

In the kitchen cabinet, Daniel Szabo showed me this:

Daniel and SMG mug

That’s right, it’s a Still Music Group mug from back in the day when they visited Nashville back in 2005.

I felt right at home.

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