What an amazing time in history to be a follower of Jesus Christ, pursuing the Great Commission – to go into all the world and make disciples. Through the amazing technology of the world wide web, it’s never been easier for believers from all over the world to discover and build relationships with like minded people.

One connection I’ve been blessed to make recently is with Ganagi Victor, a worship leader, songwriter, blogger (Votive Praise) , and worship ministry trainer from Chennai, India.

Since my recent mission trip to Sri Lanka, I’ve been very interested in what God is doing in that part of the world. So I am delighted to introduce his first solo worship project “The New Song”

He is a thoughtful psalmist with a calm soothing sound. I was initially a little surprised it was in English with a western sound, but his anointing and heart are displayed in this pleasant personal worship soundtrack.

Gangai writes:

“This is a collection of 10 songs of hope, faith, worship, praise and more that would easily resonate with both contemporary and liturgical worshipers.

The title track (available for free at NoiseTrade) especially is my life-song and it could easily be the song of every soul redeemed by the love and grace of Jesus. For the Name of Jesus is the song of all songs that we can ever sing!”

Buy for a good cause.


Proceeds will help benefit “Shore Home” – a Christian orphanage in Chennai that does amazing work with abandoned  children (orphans, children of prisoners for life etc.) Shore Home goes beyond providing basic needs and strives to secure the children’s future also by them to high quality schools. A portion of every sale of the album will be donated to “Shore Home” to meet some of their many needs.

The whole project is only 2.99 Buy the Album Now.

And there is a great resource web page with free  chord sheets, videos, presentation slides and mobile ringtones

It’s a really nice package of cool free stuff.


I asked Gangai to share a little more about the record, his inspiration and why English. Here’s what he wrote.

 “I don’t have specific stories for the songs, but looking back I guess I wrote each of them at different seasons of my life. The inspiration for the project itself is a quote of Clement of Alexandria (200 AD):

 He was and is the divine beginning of all things; but because He lately took a name, – the name consecrated of old and worthy of power, the Christ – I have called Him a New Song. See how mighty is the New Song! It has made men out of stones and men out of wild beasts. They who were otherwise dead, who had no share in the real and true life, revived when they but heard the Song. Furthermore, it is this which composed the entire creation into melodious order, and tuned into concert the discord of the elements, that the whole universe might be in harmony with it.

It triggered the title song in me and turned out to be my life song – a song of a soul grateful to be redeemed by Jesus.

Though English is not my native language, it so happened that I turned out to be an English songwriter.

Making the album was an 8-month journey of hard work with a wonderful and understanding music director, Gerard Joseph here. That’s basically it.”

A  portion of every sale of the album will be donated to “Shore Home” to meet some of their many needs.

The project is now available at AmazonMP3 also: http://goo.gl/mtaL8

I invite you to check it out and help support God’s people in India.

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