The Worship Show [Episode 1]

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I’m launching a new podcast called “The Worship Show” later this month. one of these days. But this interview with Carl Cartee is so awesome, I had to release it immediately. So here’s a preview for ya!

Carl’s shares the three pillars that serve as the centerpiece of what God has called him to do.

1. Leading People in Worship

  • Be the kind of leader people can and will trust.
  • Speak a language of, and have a transaction of blessing. Picture a special future for them.
  • The Blessing by John Trent

2. Writing Songs

  • Check out this wonderful record by Carl on I-tunes Just to Know You – Carl Cartee
  • Write from your heart, not just for “commercial” purposes
  • Check ou tthe songwriters challenge “7 in 7” Austin Stone Church

3. Mentoring People

Inspire grab 1

By the way, your humble lovable Worship Dude will be teaching two workshops at Inspire Worship Conference:

  • Worship Ministry Blueprint: Developing A Vibrant Worship Culture Whether You’re Starting Out or Starting Over
  • Worshiping Our Huge God In A Small Church:  Being small does not mean “less than.” Practical tips to worship big and encouragement for the smaller context.

See you there May 2-3!

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Watch for the launch of “The Worship Show” podcast. Going on right now, my Easter to Pentecost Devotional Series! 

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