The post continues the conversation – What Is The Gospel?

Here’s what some well known preachers have to say.

1. John Piper

[tentblogger-youtube GMdX5IO5Eqc]

2. Mark Driscol

[tentblogger-youtube lFTX80TpZ_4]

3. Tim Keller

[tentblogger-youtube w0g-s4Qhtyk]

4. Rob Bell

[tentblogger-youtube FaHGSJqn5FU]

5. Andy Stanley

[tentblogger-youtube I76lFlWT4ZI]

6. Billy Graham

[tentblogger-youtube n1DbJXHQ2Sc]

7. RC Sproul

[tentblogger-youtube n0N-0MGDWH8]

8. Sam Storms

[tentblogger-youtube Gpwe6H9mFSM]

9. Brian McLaren

[tentblogger-youtube zPJRoG5uSr4]

10. ???

Interesting how diverse the answers were.

What do you say?

What is the most simple, easy to understand, relate-able answer you could give?

Imagine you’re having coffee with a friend, or someone randomly asks you at Wal-Mart, or you’re sitting beside a stranger on an airplane, and they ask you – What is the gospel?

I’m not looking for a Sunday school class answer.

I interested in knowing your answer, from your heart. Share yours in the comments, or even better, make a video and add a link.

Question: Which explanation stood out to you? Who did you agree or disagree with ? How would you answer the question “What Is The Gospel ?”