I returned this Sunday as guest worship leader for a new church plant in Hendersonville TN called Holy Family. They meet in a small chapel, no team, no amplification.

I was leading at my third different church in three weeks. Some observations: you can do basically the same songs, but since it’s a new group, it’s not old hat to them. Secondly, although I’ve done a song like Remembrance 3 weeks in a row, it’s still introducing a “new song” to those folks.  Finally, although “A New Anointing” is an “old” song, to this church it was new, so I taught that song a few minutes before the service during the prelude time.

Oh, and there’s one other “lesson learned”  about taking communion while leading worship. I have frequently found it very difficult to sing after taking communion bread or those paper wafer things. So I’m in the middle of singing The Communion Song and I suddenly found myself coughing and basically unable to sing as little pieces of the “bread” got lodged around my vocal chords. Oh man that was a killer.

Note to self, take the bread before or after the service, don’t expect to sing well after taking the bread. Question: How do other worship leaders handle that?

Overall though, it was a beautiful day inside and out.

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