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This post will be short and sweet. I’ve been a little slack on blog articles because I’ve been really focused on writing my book.

The working title is “Wholehearted Worship: A Practical Theology”, it’s based on the seminars I’ve been giving the last few years.

It’s a comprehensive look at the major biblical concepts regarding worship. I break it down into a simple framework based on Three Organizing Scriptures and Seven Big Ideas.

Writing this has been much harder than I thought it would be. I’m excited about the content and how it’s progressing. To be honest, I could really use some prayer to push through.

I’ve been encouraged along the way by the coaching and awesome community at Jeff Goins Tribewriter course. Earlier this year I had the privilege of recording  Jeff’s The Writer’s Sessions and his audio book “Wrecked” in my studio.

Here’s a book cover I mocked-up to stay inspired. There will be more about this to come …

What do you think?

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