JOY! My New Christmas Project Coming 2014

The best time to produce a Christmas record? The year before! A sneak may be coming soon ... stay tuned .... Maybe I'm crazy to make a record right now. But for many years I've had some fun/ energetic praise arrangements of Christmas hymns and carols. We've got some raw live recordings with [...]

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“Dash Between The Years” – A Song For All Saints Day

This Sunday at HFUMC we will commemorate "All Saints Day". In the United Methodist Church, All Saints' Day is observed on the first Sunday in November to remember deceased members of the local church congregation. A candle is lit as each person's name is called out with their photograph, followed by prayer. I wrote a [...]

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Song: “Never Alone” A Lesson in Perseverence From Martin Luther King Jr.

[tentblogger-youtube _Jil3iJbywg] I remember the tears welling up when I first heard Martin Luther King 's message "A Knock At Midnight". It  inspired by me to write the song "Never Alone". The story King tells in "A Knock At Midnight" is so raw and emotional. He was despondent. He was desperate. He was at the [...]

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I Heard The Bells (Sandy Hook Tragedy Connecticut)

[tentblogger-youtube 7YGX9dfvyF0] On a national level, the Sandy Hook massacre is the most profound tragedy I can recall since 911. I felt some solace in the words of this song. I hope others do too. Like millions of Americans, Friday night I was glued to the TV watching the news updates on CNN. Local townsfolk were [...]

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Song: The Meaning of Christmas

[Note: This is a re-post from my archives] I wrote this song with the idea of keeping “Christ” in “Christmas”. Lyrically, I’m trying to summarize the Incarnation story. Musically, I was in a piano-playing-Billy-Joel-meets-Beatles = how-many-chords-and-modulations-can-I-put-in-this-song  frame of mind. Free download the month of December. Here’s a video. [tentblogger-youtube JyWELWJUSjU] Lyrics […]


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Missions Benefit Concert Recap

Our first annual ever missions benefit concert was a success! Well Saturday night we held our first ever annual missions fund-raiser "An Evening To Benefit Wholehearted Worship Worldwide." A major purpose of the evening was to create a context where our far flung supporters and interested persons could assemble and connect. It was [...]

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Missions Benefit Concert with Live Webcast Oct 27 I'm psyched!  An Evening To Benefit Wholehearted Worship Worldwide Missions will be live webcast ! PLACE: Sozo's@Belmont Church (16th & Grand, Music Row Nashville 37212) DATE:   Saturday October 27 TIME:    7:00-9:30 pm CDT Join us in person or watch it live on the web. There's a Livestream link at the bottom of [...]

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Wholehearted Worship Worldwide Missions Benefit Concert

We're having a shindig and you're invited! What's a shindig you ask? shin·dig (noun) A large, festive, lively party, esp. one celebrating something Poster courtesy Brad McKelvey. Thanks Brad!  OCTOBER 27 will be our first ever annual Missions Benefit Concert. It's gonna be a party and a chance to connect with friends old [...]

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SOZO Gospel Choir “King of Glory”

NOTE: This post continues my  Mission Trip 2012 series. Things are rockin as I write this at the School of Worship in Romania!  I'm working on a new post on life here. In the meantime, here's a video and story from SOZO Festival of moi singing with the SOZO Gospel Choir. [tentblogger-youtube 4TTFCBHCwcI] SOZOFestival (July 26-29) began [...]

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