Five Epic Worship Fails and What We Can Learn From Them

[Note: This is a 6 part blog series based on a recent webinar workshop I taught for entitled “Five Epic Worship Fails and we can learn from them.” It is intended to be used as a biblical training resource for your worship team. These are offered as a series of short videos (5 to 10 [...]

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What Worship Ministry Volunteers Need To Know About Biblical Worship

You can listen to Worship Team Coach interview on the “The Exceptional Worship” podcast, on i-Tunes. I really enjoyed being interviewed by about my favorite topic, Biblical foundations of worship on The Exceptional Worship Podcast. In the podcast, Part Two of the series, host Jon Nicole and I discuss Seven Big Ideas that your worship [...]

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Do You Know Why To Give Thanks?

[guestpost]Happy Thanksgiving to You! This is a re-post I wrote a while back, but it’s still appropriate for today. [/guestpost]  The command to be thankful, to “give thanks” permeates scripture, appearing over 40 times.  It is a foundational heart attitude that God requires. Why is that? […]

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[MindMap] Wholehearted Worship Overview

Wholehearted Worship : A Practical Theology Understanding the Why and How of Worship The Bible is a big book with a lot of information. This mind map represents a summation of my "Practical Theology of Worship" seminar.  It is a framework for understanding and practicing the major themes of biblical Worship. I've condensed a 20+ [...]

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What Is The Purpose of Church Worship ?

Once again I find myself thinking a lot about what worship IS and IS NOT. This is not a bad idea if you're responsible for leading worship. It's a big responsibility,  a serious undertaking and a high calling. Worship decisions are huge for the spiritual formation of your people. Frequently, we should look at what [...]

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3 Benefits of Studying Theology of Worship

  I've got a lot of books on theology of worship ... I'm a music guy who, over time, evolved into a worship guy.  That calling to be a worship leader led me to this passion for understanding and sharing theology of worship.  This post follows up  "8 Compelling Reasons To Study Worship [...]

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8 Compelling Reasons to Study Worship Theology

I am passionate about wholehearted worship and  practical theology. I think every worshiper should be. Here's why. 1. Worship Flows From The Inside Out "Word of God in; word of God out." Ray Hughes You worship from the overflow of what you put into your heart, mind and spirit. So, are you being filled with [...]

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About That Book I’ve Been Writing …

Coming soon! This post will be short and sweet. I've been a little slack on blog articles because I've been really focused on writing my book. The working title is "Wholehearted Worship: A Practical Theology", it's based on the seminars I've been giving the last few years. It's a comprehensive look at the [...]

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Truths To Empower The Worship Leaders Mindset [Part 2]

This is an excerpt from Part 2 of my guest post  at, Nine Truths to Empower The Worship Leaders Mindset [Part2]. The website by Jon Nicol is a great resource, I love his pithy humor. You can read Part One here. ____________________________________________________ 5. Priorities – keep the main thing the main thing. “Love [...]

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Nine Truths To Empower The Worship Leaders Mindset [Part 1]

This is a guest post  I contributed to, Nine Truths to Empower The Worship Leaders Mindset. The website by Jon Nicol is a great resource, I love his pithy humor. Here’s the intro to my post, it will run as a two part series. ___________________________ Worship leaders, singers and musicians tend to be [...]

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