I found an old, long lost friend on-line. What an age we live in!

It’s Through The Bible Radio with Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

I used to listen to J. Vernon McGee’s radio broadcast back in Maryland when I was a young believer in the early 80’s.

I’m a country boy at heart. Dr. McGee’s Texas twang and common sense, folksy bible exposition hooked me to become a regular listener.

Dr. McGee graduated to heaven in 1988. But he and his ministry board planned ahead. Today TTB radio ministry lives on and in fact, continues to grow globally. It’s a very well curated and organized resource.

Here’s a description from their website:

“The weekday Thru the Bible program takes the listener through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. It  starts over again with Genesis after the conclusion of Revelation. So one can “get aboard the Bible bus” at any time. If you stay with it for five years you won’t miss any part of the Bible.”

“There is no substitute for a study of the Word of God to make one a full-grown saint of God, well oriented for the great adventure of life. This is a proven method of encouraging people to study the Bible systematically. All great spiritual movements among the people of God have come about through a revival of Bible study. It will make you an intelligent Christian (1 Peter 3:15). It will make you an instructed Christian (2 Timothy 3:16,17). It will make you an informed Christian (John 7:17). “

Recently, I rediscovered the broadcast on a new radio station here in Nashville.

Dr. McGee is genuine old school. He makes it real and tells it like it is.  His perspective explains the big picture, connecting the themes of scripture and the ways of God. His insights and wisdom are still relevant today.

Currently the series is teaching on the life of David. Of course, every worship dude and dudette should learn everything they can from “the triumphs and troubles” of David.

Regarding David refusal to use Saul’s armor and choosing his slingshot instead in his battle with Goliath.

“And by the way what a lesson there is there.

Trying to be something that you’re or not, or do something that you’re really not called to do.

If God has called you to use a slingshot,  friends, don’t try to use a sword.

If God has called you to speak, then speak. 

And if God has called you to do something else, well you do that.

And if God has called you to sing – sing. But if He hasn’t called to sing,  then for goodness sake, don’t sing.

Today we have to many people that are trying to use a sword, when really, a slingshot is more their size.”

Culture changes, but the word of God and human nature don’t really change all that much. So I recommend this as a resource that will inform and inspire.

“And may God richly bless you my beloved.”

Question: What resources influenced your spiritual development? What or who would you recommend?