Like a lot of folks. I love coffee. For a while I’ve been researching coffee companies that help ministries raise funds.  After a lot of research, I found the an awesome partner with Just Love Coffee down in Murfreesboro, TN. They have a beautiful vision for helping orphans and adoption families by selling high quality fair trade organic coffees.

After personally visiting them, checking out an amazing facility, and sampling some ultra-yummerific coffees ….We’ve decided to open up Uncle Robbie’s Coffee Shop online.

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The Roasters

The Roasters: Rob & Jim with Moi

There are many companies that do this sort of thing.  There’s 3 reasons I chose Just Love Coffee:

  1. A fantastic product –Totally Awesome Coffee that is an excellent value with great delivery methods. These are artisan coffee roasters par excellence.
  2. An excellent business model that is win/win and profitable for everyone.
  3. A very good cause combined with other very good causes.

Totally Awesome Coffee

Ethiopian Harrar Coffee Beans, smell so good!

They also have a nice coffee bar with live music stage.

Rob Webb with his daughters. He has a Masters Degree in Piano. He can play some keys! This is a vintage Hammond A-100.

A Win/Win Fund Raising Model

Just Love Coffee Roasterie

So I hope you’ll visit Uncle Robbie’s Coffee Shop online, check out the awesomeness and place an order. There’s a nice variety of premium beans, roasted and shipped ultra-fresh daily. Try it – it’s really, really good.  Your purchase will help us raise funds for our missions trip to Eastern Europe.

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