There’s a lot of worship bloggers out there. Here’s a list of ones that I read and recommend in no particular order. Some have large followings, some less audacious. These are the cats in the RSS feed of my Google Reader.  All have something of value to offer.

My Favorite Worship Bloggers (Part One)

1. David David is a GREAT blogger, very consistent, very solid. He’s also a very good guy. About a year ago I was researching how to re-launch my website /blog and stumbled upon David. I reached out to him for advice and he led me to Standard Theme and Tentblogger.

David’s become a friend and someday I will win a cute panda for being his most frequent commenter. 🙂

2. Worship Evaluation (David Manner)  This blog asks really good questions and is extremely well written. Dr. Manner is a fellow IWS (Institute for Worship Studies) alum, so you know he’s well grounded.

I ‘ve used his resources in my series on Guidelines to Evaluate Worship. 

3.   Worship Myth (2 sites). Worship Mythbusters  features a very interesting podcast by Rich Kirkpatrick. He gets double double kudos for winning the World Media Award as Best Religion Blogger. Rich is a very deep and insightful thinker. He’s a new friend and we did a Google Hangout the other day. Look for an interview with him here before too long.

He rocks on this post Cut and Paste Creativity: Why We Choose Efficiency over Creativity in the Local Church. 

 4. Man of Depravity: Tyler Braun Tyler is on the West Coast and blogs about theology,  church ministry, and worship with a young adult point of view. I really like his latest post “Bring Back The Worship Wars”.

Bring it on.

5. Rob Rash Rob is a worship pastor in the Midwest.He often has very practical and helpful tips. I’m applying his ideas on “How To Tweak Your Rehearsal In 20 Minutes.

6. Journey of Worship : Chris Gambill. Chris is a worship leader in Alabama. His posts are thoughtful and very solid. I resonate with his “Principles That Guide How I Approach Corporate Worship”. He’s become a friend via Google Hangout.

7. Chris From Canada: Chris Vacher Yes, he writes with a very Northern perspective. A good mixture of pastoral inspiration and practical tips such as the “Worship Leaders Toolkit” series.

Check these guys out, and show some  “read, subscribe, share, and comment” love.

In my next post we’ll feature  more worship resource sites.

Question: What worship bloggers you would recommend?