In my Worship Blogger Roundup  – Part 1, we featured some of My Favorite Worship Bloggers .

In this article we’ll continue the theme, some are quite well known, others not so.

Great Worship Blogs & Resources

1. DanWilt and 

I really like the teaching of Dan Wilt,  Learning Director for  He is an outstanding teacher who brings depth and simplicity to the  many theological and practical aspects of worship. “His ancient-future, postmodern-aware, innovative and formation-based approach is unique in today’s worship development world.”

Worship has limited free resources and a paid membership for full access to everything. It’s an extremely comprehensive site.

They host free webinars almost every Tuesday,  Whiteboard Worship Training Master Class with Dan Wilt.”

2. Glen Packiam

Glen is a bestselling  artist, pastor, writer, and thinker.

He will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Inspire Worship Conference teaching my favorite subject, Theology of Worship. He is featured in my blog post on  leadership values for encouraging wholehearted worship in our communities.

Glen’s blog posts on Lent are deep and practical.

3. Vickie Beeching

Hit songwriter, worshipleader, award-winning blogger and PhD academic,  England’s Vickie Beeching is one smart cookie. She asks the right questions. Check out this post: What Does God Think About Our Sung Worship?

4. Anthony Skinner

Uber creative and worship leading mentor to many, Anthony is an amazing songwriter (Jesus Culture: Your Love Never Fails )and author of Worship SMARTBook: Actionable Tips For Real World Worship”. He’s featured in a video interview with yours truly right here.

His latest blog post “Don’t Miss Your Now Moments” is inspiring.

5. TheWorshipCommunity.Com

TheWorshipCommunity.Com (TWC) is a grass-roots community of worship leaders, artists, singers, musicians, and technicians from all over the world.

Launched by worship pastor  Fred McKinnon , articles are from contributors “in the trenches” worldwide …. leading worship in small, medium, and large churches.  It combines exclusive content with re-published articles from  “the best of” worship and ministry-related blogs and resources.

They’ve published some of my articles including 12 Tips For Beginning Worship Leaders 

I also like to contribute to the weekly Sunday Worship Setlist  and check out what others are doing.

6. Jon Nicols

This is a beautifully designed site with excellent practical resources. I’ll be checking this site out in more depth.

Jon also has a blog on the site. “Mandatory” is a good article on team leadership,

7. with over 4564 Facebook likes, this is a popular site!. is a collection of articles and resources put together by people in the trenches. You can find just about any topic within the realm of worship talked about. It’s a little scattered, but I read it regularly and have found some gems.

 8. Asbury Seed

“Seedbed is sowing for a great awakening through publishing resources intended to build up the Body of Christ. It is the theological resourcing center of Asbury Theological Seminary;

J.D. Walt is the “Chief Sower” on the Seedbed Staff. He gives leadership to the vision, development, design and human network of Seedbed. He writes regularly at”

I connected with JD  back in the day when I was an artist at a conference.  I got massive blog-love for his writing and thinking.

Check these guys out, and show some  ”read, subscribe, share, and comment” love.

Question: What worship bloggers or other resources would you recommend? Did I miss some great ones?