Here’s the worship recap  for the SOZO Festival  which concluded my 32 day missions trip to eastern Europe.

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SOZO Worship Team, Saturday Night August 28 2011

Planning and leading worship in the SOZO context is fun and unique in several aspects.

  • First, it is international and the teams are composed of participants from many different nations. Therefore we sing in multiple languages.
  • Second, the musicians have varying skill and experience levels. Since English is a second language for some, communication has to be clear and simple.
  • Third, the teams are ad hoc for every session, with a different cast of musicians and singers. So every time we play it’s “something we’ve never done before.”
  • Fourth, the meetings are outdoors and the weather in England was cold and rainy. Keeping voices healthy and the instruments in tune is a challenge.
  • Finally, because of all the unknown variables, leading Sozo worship is like highwire tightrope walking. But when it all comes together – it’s truly something special. 
  • By the grace of God, our worship times this year were quite special. At it’s best, it’s a glimpse of Revelation 5:9 “every tribe and language and people and nation”

Generally, I try to keep the songs selection simple, easy to play and mostly familiar. We also leave space for spontaneous singing. The most current songs this year were “Our God” and “Shekinah Glory.” A fun little spontaneous twist was beginning with a “surprise song” for our in-gathering.

Here’s the set lists.

Friday Night August 26:

  1. Here I Am To Worship (Surprise song!)
  2. Oh Taste and See
  3. Everlasting God
  4. Our God (Tomlin/Redman et al)
  5. Mighty To Save
  6. Spontaneous song(s)
  7. Shekinah Glory
  8. Lift Up His Name (Nathan Felllingham)
  9. A New Anointing
  10. The Jesus La La Song

Saturday Morning August 27:

  1. Better Is One Day
  2. Open The Eyes of My Heart
  3. Your Love Is Amazing (Hallelujah)

Saturday Evening August 27:

  1. Lord I Lift Your Name on High (Surprise song!)
  2. Holy Is The Lord
  3. Holy Holy Holy (spontaneous hymn)
  4. Blessed Be Your Name (w/ popcorn prayer)
  5. Shekinah Glory
  6. All The Way My Savior Leads Me (Hymn)
  7. The Jesus La La Song

Children's School of Worship led by Ivalene Still

Sunday Morning August 28:
Joint Worship Service with Local Churches

  1. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) (Surprise song!)
  2. The Shema
  3. Psalm 136
  4. Forever
  5. Spontaneous (O Come Let Us Adore Him)
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. Shekinah Glory
  8. A New Anointing
  9. The Jesus La La Song

Monday Concluding Celebration August 29:

  1. Better is One Day
  2. The Shema
  3. Blessed Be Your Name
  4. A New Anointing
  5. Agnus Dei (with Children’s School of Worship)
  6. Glory To God (led by Children’s School of Worship))
  7. Shekinah Glory
  8. The Jesus La La Song

Sozo Staff 2011

Sozo Staff 2011

This was the fifth of five Sunday’s I’ve been in Europe.  You can follow missions updates on our missions Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us.

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