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Three Latin Words That Will Immediately Transform Your Worship Ministry

Constantly I’m reflecting on the big “WHY” of worship ministry. Why we do what we do? Sometimes we endure strife, contention, controversy and/or stress over various “issues” regarding worship and music. The root cause of many mistaken assumptions and erroneous expectations regarding music ministry is misunderstanding the foundational role and purpose of music in worship. [...]

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The Worship Show: Carl Cartee Interview [Episode 01]

The Worship Show [Episode 1] VIDEO: Carl Cartee Interview (http://InspireWorshipConference.com) [tentblogger-youtube d23AanrplIU] I'm launching a new podcast called "The Worship Show" later this month. one of these days. But this interview with Carl Cartee is so awesome, I had to release it immediately. So here's a preview for ya! Carl's shares the three pillars that [...]

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Are You On Course? 3 Words To Guide Direction

Seasons of  transition, (and everybody is in some kind of transition), are opportunities to re-access why we do what we do. Three ideas propel the direction I want to head personally and organizationally. They describe what I desire to become and what I aspire to do. 1. Wholehearted. Wholehearted encompasses many ideas. This includes being [...]

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Monday Morning for the Worship Leader

"Be thankful no matter what. This is the way God wants you to live". 1Thes5:18 // I post a sunrise pic from my deck with a word on worship most mornings. You can get them on my Instagram, Facebook and Twiiter  #worship #sunrise This post I would categorize as worship leader "shop talk". [...]

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3 Biblical Principles for Goal Setting [Update]

Note: HAPPY 2013 Ya'll! Here's an updated re-post on goal setting. At this time of year many people reflect, refine and reset their goals. God is keenly interested. He desires to be at the center of our hopes, dreams, goals and plans. Setting goals is essential to happiness and successful living. The Bible has a [...]

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The Leader’s Heart

Recently I had the opportunity to meet leadership expert, author and super blogger Michael Hyatt at his book signing. This was cool because I had been inspired to write this post after listening to his fantastic podcast  on the topic “The Importance of the Leaders Heart”.  If you’re in any kind of leadership role, I [...]

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How Can A Worship Leader Overcome the “Law of the Lid” ?

Recently I was honored to be part of a Question & Answer forum for worship leaders hosted by WorshipTeamCoach.com  via Skype. [tentblogger-youtube WpXL5pBXaVg] In this video we answer this question: "How have you handled the "Law of the Lid" as you've served in smaller churches under less visionary pastors?" "Law of the Lid" is a term John [...]

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How Worship Music Comforts When We Grieve

Music can be a solace in times of grief. In this post I share some principles I’ve learned about worship and grieving. I’ve led music at several funeral services over the years for friends, family and church members. […]

How Do You Know If You’re Called To Lead Worship?

Recently on my missions trip in Romania, I was asked a compelling question by a young female worshiper. How do you know when you’re called to lead worship? The particular way God calls us to service is unique for each person. […]

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