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I was pleasantly surprised when reviewing our year-end stats. People are finding the content I hope is “evergreen” and most helpful!

We had blog readers from 144 countries!

In 2012, there were 141 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 304 posts.

The highest ranked articles were in the categories of worship theology and practical advice. Some of the “most popular” were written before 2012.

The 20 posts are ranked according to the most WordPress Stats page views.

Top 20 Blog Posts of 2012

  1. What Is Worship? 3 Organizing Scriptures
  2. Misty Edwards: Worship is A Real Conversation with God
  3. Planning Powerful Worship Sets  – – [Also republished on]
  4. Seven Longings of The Human Heart [Worship & Psychology Prt 4]
  5. Ultimate Guide To The Best New Years Motivational Blog Posts
  6. Be A Voice, Not An Echo
  7. Actions And Attitudes: 10 Hebrew Words for Praise & Worship
  8. Worship & Psychology: Tony Robbins 6 Human Needs [Pt 3]
  9. 12 Super Practical Tips for Worship Leaders Starting Out  – – [Also republished on]
  10. How to Practice the Presence of God with Psalming
  11. Guidelines to Evaluate A Worship Service: Questionnaire (Pt 2)
  12. Practical Theology of Worship: Landing Page
  13. When Are You Too Old To Lead Worship ?
  14. Worship and Psychology [Part 2]
  15. How to Develop a Worship Ministry: 6 Key Concepts
  16. The Best Worship Leading Advice I Ever Received – – [Also republished on]
  17. 3 Biblical Principles for Goal Setting
  18. How Do You Know If You’re Called To Lead Worship?
  19. Why Give Thanks?
  20. The Standard Answer

One of my personal favorites that didn’t have the stats is The Worship Leader As Shepherd, also republished on

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