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Biblical Character Guidelines for Worship Leaders & Teams, Pt 2

The Scoala de Inchinare is one of the training centers for modern day Levites in Romania A recurring theme during Q&A times on my missions trip to the Balkans concerned character and qualifications for worship team members. Leading worship is important. The spiritual condition of the team members matters because it is primarily [...]

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Biblical Character Necessary for Worship Leaders & Teams Pt.1

Cluj Worship Seminar, Romania On my missions trip to the Balkans, there have been consistent questions regarding issues of character for worship team members. The bible speaks of character requirements for leaders which apply in the worship ministry context. Everyone involved in the worship team – drummer, bass, keys, guitar, singers – is [...]

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Worship & Psychology: Tony Robbins 6 Human Needs [Pt 3]

Why people do what they do? In part three of this series, I hope we can be better worshipers and leaders through understanding  Worship and Psychology . First and foremost, our mindset must be theologically saturated through a living relationship with God’s word and His presence. This is a foundational prerequisite and it gives us [...]

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The Worship Leader As Shepherd

Dear Worship Dude or Dudette, I encountered something in God’s word today that stirred my heart and I want to share it with you. I have a question. Do you ever feel like a hired hand performing a gig? The sheer technology and pressure of leading worship can be a heavy burden,  skewing the focus [...]

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Tribes, Worship and The Killer Tribes Conference

This post may be of particular interest to writers, bloggers, artists, and small businesses owners. It’s about tribes and the upcoming Killer Tribes conference. At the end of this post is info on getting a reduced rate. Tribal Leadership The metaphor of “tribes” has re-emerged in recent years as a model of communal affiliation. The [...]

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Guidelines to Evaluate A Worship Service: Questionnaire (Pt 2)

Asking the right questions … This post is part of the Guidelines to Evaluate Worship series. Asking the right questions helps align our actions with the vision of A Wholehearted Worshiping Community. There’s a great website and blog all about evaluating worship by David Manner called Worship Evaluation.  He has some fantastic articles [...]

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Guidelines To Evaluate Your Worship Service: Overview (Part 1)

This post is the first of the Guidelines to Evaluate Worship series. We all need feedback. It’s the only way to get better. Worship services need to be honestly evaluated. Not to be critiqued, but to be improved. Leaders need to create a culture of on-going, healthy debriefing. […]

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3 Steps of Organic Mentoring

Today I have the honor of writing a  guest post  for my friend David Santistevan’s blog. He’s a great young worship pastor. His blog was selected as one of Worship Leader Magazines Best of the Best for 2011. I hope you’ll check it out and leave a comment on his site. In that post I share  [...]

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